American Idol Apple Valley

American Idol Apple Valley

American Idol Apple Valley

American Idol Apple Valley – “Apple Valley boy, trucker boy, you’re a rock star,” judge Katy Perry told singer Chase Beckham, one episode away from being crowned the next “American Idol.”

On Sunday, fans included 24-year-old Beckham in the TOP-3 of the show, along with Grace Kinstler, 20, and Willie Spence, 21. The trio will battle it out for the Idol title on Sunday night, May 23. , on ABC.

American Idol Apple Valley

American Idol Apple Valley

Meanwhile, fans booed singer Casey Bishop, a 16-year-old high school student from Estero, Florida, despite her strong performance in Sunday’s episode. Judge Luke Bryan once said he would be the next “American Idol.”

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Beckham performed three songs on Sunday night’s show, including “23,” the autobiographical single she released on Friday. The release of the song is accompanied by a video on the YouTube channel with the lyrics of “American Idol”.

Beckham strummed his guitar during the chorus and said, “I’m 23 now and nobody can drink like me. I’ll be 24 soon, and God knows I can’t drink anymore.’

Since the start of this season, Beckham, who was born in Victorville, has been open about his personal struggles, including a life-changing incident after he drove home after drinking too much. . He says his car overturned on the side of the highway and that’s when he decided to change his life.

Beckham recorded “23” with producer Ross Copperman at SoundFactory in Hollywood, which has since gone on to record 29 No. 1 hits.

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Currently the song is no. 1 among the iTunes Top 10 Singles and Top 10 Country Songs. In second place, Beckham even beat Bryan’s new song “Waves” at number 2. Brian performed his song on Sunday’s episode.

“I just wanted to thank everyone for listening to this tune,” Beckham said on Sunday’s episode.

Spence, Kinstler and Bishop also wrote and released singles. They are “Never Be Alone”, “Love Someone” and “Love Me, Leave Me”.

American Idol Apple Valley

Beckham previously showed off her songwriting talent by singing “Mamma,” a song dedicated to her mother, Windy Petersen, on the Mother’s Day episode of “Idol.”

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According to “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest, Beckham wrote “23” as a tribute to her mother during Hollywood Week.

Beckham also sang “Colder Weather” by the American country group in 2010, as well as Chris Stapleton’s 2020 hit “You Should Maybe Leave”, which Beckham performed for the first time during Hollywood Week.

Finnias O’Connell – Billie Eilish’s brother and songwriting partner – mentored the Idol contestants before they took to the stage on Sunday, with Beckham telling him that songwriting was his “cup of tea”.

“When you sit there and sing a song that you wrote for one of the biggest producers in music, it gives you a little thrill,” Beckham told O’Connell, 23. Eilish’s “Where Are We Going While We’re All Sleeping?” Working on his debut album.

Apple Valley, California

The producer said Beckham has a “really beautiful, very honest voice,” adding that the High Desert native is someone she can trust when she sings. O’Connell calls “23” a good song.

He also suggests that Beckham doesn’t let the sounds of his backup band “overshadow” his vocal talent.

Beckham says he may not be playing guitar, which O’Connell calls an “interesting change” that will allow him to “focus on the lyrics and focus on the camera.”

American Idol Apple Valley

That said, Beckham played guitar throughout Sunday’s episode, except for a duet with Bishop, a cover of O’Connell’s FINNEAS song, “Break My Heart Again.”

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He said he noticed that Beckham played the guitar against his advice, saying the instrument “looked great” on stage.

Brian told Beckham that he should realize he’s in the Top Four because “You’re real and everything you’ve given us feels real.”

“Being authentic and authentic is… people love it and that’s why you’ve made it this far,” says Brian.

The young singer-songwriter told judge Lionel Richie Beckham for most of the competition: “Really? Really? Do they like me?”

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“The answer is, they love you, the main thing is that you earn it,” Richie says. “You earned that right because they loved not only your voice, but who you are. That’s the real quality of being a star.”

After singing “23” and “You Gotta Go,” Brian asked the judges how they could think of another way to say “Good job.”

“You have stepped into your light, and I know exactly who you are. I know your voice, I know your style,” says Richie. “Everything is lined up – what is it called?” – Business show #1.

American Idol Apple Valley

Idol contestant Caleb Kenny, who made it to the Top 5 on the show last week, was due to sing on Sunday, but the 16-year-old singer pulled out of the competition after the Snapchat video resurfaced. Online. In it, Kennedy sat next to someone wearing what looked like a Ku Klux Klan hood, the Associated Press reported.

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Kennedy apologized for the video on Twitter and Instagram on Wednesday, saying it “represents actions that were not taken.”

Kennedy’s mother, Anita Guy, told the Herald-Journal that the video was taken when Kennedy was 12 and taken out of context. According to him, Kennedy imitated the characters of the horror film “Strangers: Nightmare”.

Guy said, “It has nothing to do with the Ku Klux Klan, but I know what it’s like. “There is no trace of racism in Caleb. He loves everyone and has friends of all nationalities.’

Daily Press reporter Renee Ray De La Cruz can be reached at 760-951-6227 or [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @DP_ReneDeLaCruz. Chase Beckham, 24, won the 19th season of “American Idol” against contestants Grace Kinstler and Willie Spence.

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Season 19 of “American Idol” came to a close on Sunday night, and country singer Chase Beckham was showered in gold confetti after winning the show.

Hours after the win, Beckham, 24, told USA TODAY: “I thought it wasn’t going to affect me until I laid down in my bedroom, put all my bags down, and got some rest.” “But I can’t wait for it to come to me because I’ve wanted it my whole life and here I am.”

Before winning “Idol,” life as a heavy equipment operator was far from the glitz and glamor of live performances typical of the ABC singing competition. Hailing from the small desert town of Apple Valley, California, Beckham said his win was a turning point in life that isn’t always positive.

American Idol Apple Valley

“It’s not pretty, man,” Beckham said of her pre-Idol life. it didn’t let me win.”

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Beckham opened up about her struggles with alcohol on the show, revealing she hit rock bottom when she decided to take the wheel at Hollywood Week. According to him, he lost consciousness after a serious car accident and was left on the side of the road.

Reflecting on Sunday’s final, Beckham says drugs and alcohol help him avoid problems he doesn’t want to face.

“Now you get to the point where you lose everything — you lose your girlfriend, you lose your house, you lose your dog, you lose your car, you lose your driver’s license, you almost kill yourself in a DUI accident — you’re at the end. That’s where your rope is,” he said. you’ll start to understand, or we’ll change everything.”

Beckham admits he can’t turn the tide on his own. If he did not believe in himself, he had the support of his mother. At the urging of his mother and stepfather, Beckham signed up for “Idol” and walked into the audience, guitar in hand, to sing for judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

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“Even though I’m stubborn and hate listening to people, I did what they told me last time and it changed my life,” he said.

While many people join “Idol” with the goal of making a name for themselves in the music industry, for Beckham, the show is a way for her to take responsibility for making positive choices.

“Joining the program helped me a lot, going through all those steps and finding myself and learning my limits and knowing where to go and when to say no or when it’s too much,” she said. “I just picked myself up and started facing my inner demons and said, ‘Hey, this is how we’re going to do it, and this is how we’re going to deal with it.’ versus running and hiding behind things.”

American Idol Apple Valley

As for the future, Beckham’s plan is simple: release more singles, release an album, and eventually tour. And it’s off to an amazing start. In addition to her “Idol” win, Beckham’s original song “23,” which details her struggles with alcoholism, topped the iTunes country music chart after its May 14 release.

Apple Valley Resident Chayce Beckham Wins American Idol

“If it wasn’t for the music, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you, that’s for sure,

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