American Idol 2022 Jay Copeland Audition

American Idol 2022 Jay Copeland Audition

American Idol 2022 Jay Copeland Audition

American Idol 2022 Jay Copeland Audition – “American Idol” contestant Jay Copeland has many friends at Salisbury University and they are looking forward to his big night to cheer him on.

You’d think fans of Salisbury’s Jeremiah “Jay” Copeland were auditioning for the upcoming “Spider-Man” movie when they hit the walls for the singer’s first appearance on “American Idol” Season 20.

American Idol 2022 Jay Copeland Audition

American Idol 2022 Jay Copeland Audition

Fans of him will finally be able to admire the golden-voiced singer when he debuts on episode five on Monday night, an “American Idol” spokesperson told Delmarva Now/The Daily Times.

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The Salisbury University 2020 graduate said he was skeptical weeks ago when he learned he would get a chance to showcase his vocal talents to the producers of the reality show.

“When I got the message that I might audition for ‘American Idol’ producers, I thought it was a joke and a scam,” Copeland said in an emailed statement to Delmarva Now/The Daily Times .

“I did more research on the manufacturer and realized she was actually legit and went for it,” he added. “I doubted myself and didn’t believe I would pass a producer. I didn’t know I would audition with the celebrity judges.

“My advice to Jay is always, ‘Remember God, for He has given you the gift and talent; Keep praying, embracing, and enjoying this wonderful experience,” said Christina Ryder, the singer’s mother, in a statement to E- Mail.

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Copeland isn’t the only singer in the Mid-Atlantic region looking to make some noise on ‘American Idol’ Season 20.

Also there are New Jersey singers Cole Hallman, of Manasquan, and 16-year-old Camryn Champion, of Lumberton; Western Pennsylvania singer Morgan Gruber, a senior at Riverside High in Beaver Valley; and Kenedi Anderson, formerly of Thibodaux, Virginia.

“When he was in elementary school, he was always singing in the hallways and in the playground. He was great,” Kelser recalled. “He was/is very close to her mother, and she has the same sweet personality.”

American Idol 2022 Jay Copeland Audition

Zoë Sheller attended Salisbury Middle School with Copeland and sang with him on JMB’s annual Rock & Roll Revival Show in 2015. She remembers her lively spirit of her.

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“His love of life and the people around him light up every room he walks into. That love of life, I think, makes him a stronger performer,” Sheller said. “He makes his performance accessible to everyone and that’s why he is loved by so many people.”

Grace Foxwell Murdoch, Sheller’s great aunt, was introduced to Copeland when her niece was in middle school. She has been fascinated by the young man ever since.

“I watched their school productions and instantly became a fan of Jay,” said Foxwell Murdoch. “He deserves all the recognition because he put his time into it and now it’s time for him to shine.”

Philadelphia native Trinity Marie moved to Salisbury in 2009 and met Copeland during her freshman year at the ‘Rock & Roll Revival’. Marie said she was “in awe” when she first heard her musical flutes.

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“It means a lot to me to see him on ‘American Idol,’ living her dream of him,” she said. “I know he’s going to come out and showcase his voice like no other. I’m so proud of him and can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

Another member of Copeland’s growing fan club is Jason Phillips, Copeland’s former counselor at Chipman Elementary School from 2002 to 2006.

Phillips described the singer as “a pretty little boy and a big young man who I followed from grade school to college.”

American Idol 2022 Jay Copeland Audition

Lui also said that Copeland comes from a large family that includes his mother, “who was a great parent and willing.”

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Copeland grew up in a wealthy musical family led by his grandfather, George Copeland. The “American Idol” hopeful’s mom is also a force on the mic, and his uncle, Josh, was a 2019 finalist on BET’s singing reality show “Sunday Best.”

Young Copeland said his uncle and grandfather singing every Sunday and across the country gave him expectations for himself.

“Once I achieved those standards, I wanted to exceed those expectations and set a higher standard,” he said. “They may not know it, but I will be forever grateful to them for the work they have done for Salisbury and across the country. I love them dearly.”

Episode five of “American Idol” could be Copeland’s fascination, a chance for his followers and the country to hear about his vocal prowess.

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It’s been a long wait, but Copeland wants everyone to know that he hasn’t forgotten where he’s from.

“I will always be a proud Salisburian and a proud East Coast resident!” Copland said. “If you ever feel like throwing in the towel, remember that you’ve always rooted for me and I’ll do the same for you. I love you guys so much!”

Andre Lamar is the feature film/lifestyle reporter. If you have an interesting story idea, please email Andre Lamar at [email protected] ‘American Idol’ contestant Jay Copeland has many friends at Salisbury University and they can’t wait for his great evening to cheer him on.

American Idol 2022 Jay Copeland Audition

“American Idol” season 20 episode five is the one Salisburyans are most excited about so far, as it will feature the first appearance of local singer Jeremiah “Jay” Copeland.

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“Music is important to me because it allows me to see myself in ways I never thought I could. I love making people happy and seeing them smile. I believe music can do just that and more,” said Copeland in a statement emailed to Delmarva Now/The Daily Times.

Copeland is competing with other singers from the Mid-Atlantic region who are also looking to make an impact on ‘American Idol’ Season 20.

He is Western Pennsylvania singer Morgan Gruber, a senior at Riverside High in Beaver Valley; Kenedi Anderson, formerly of Thibodaux, Virginia; New Jersey singer Cole Hallman, of Manasquan, and 16-year-old Camryn Champion, of Lumberton.

John Wesley Wright has been a vocal instructor of “American Idol” hopeful since he was in middle school. Wright discovered the singer through her husband, Bruce Glover, who taught at Copeland Middle School.

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It took some prodding for Wright to finally hear the singer in middle school. But when he finally broke down and gave him a chance, he didn’t regret it.

“My heart froze,” said Wright, an associate professor in SU’s music program. “It had that ‘IT’ factor, that kind of piercing, heart-melting tone and presentation.”

“Jeremiah’s singing can literally give you chills. He has a very powerful voice, and I just know that he’s going to win ‘American Idol,'” he said.

American Idol 2022 Jay Copeland Audition

His grandfather, George Copeland, heads the musical family. The mom of the “American Idol” hopeful, Christina Ryder, also sings, along with her brother (Jay’s uncle), Josh Copeland.

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When young Copeland learned that he would be auditioning for reality show celebrity judges—Katy Perry, Lionel Ritchie and Luke Bryan—the first people he broke the news to were his stepfather and his mother.

“I was so excited for him because this has always been a dream of his,” his mother said.

Uncle of him was a finalist in 2019 BET singing reality show ‘Sunday Best’. Josh said his nephew is a puppeteer who knows how to tug at the heartstrings of his audience.

“Every time he goes on stage, he gets such a standing ovation,” his uncle explained. “And not only that, but you’ll see several people cry because of his specialty.”

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In addition to his talent, Copeland fans are also impressed by his personality. Grace Foxwell Murdoch, one of the singer’s longtime supporters, wants people to know that he is as kind as he is skilled.

“Above all, she’s our humble local star with a big heart and recognizes her roots,” said Foxwell Murdoch, who became a fan of Copeland after hearing him sing at Salisbury Middle School, which she attended with her great-granddaughter, Zoë Sheller. visited. .

Besides missing his loved ones back home, the SU grad said there’s something else he craves right now as he pursues his “American Idol” dreams.

American Idol 2022 Jay Copeland Audition

“I’m a small-town kid at heart, so I miss the slow pace of the city. I miss the quiet of the East Coast,” Copeland said.

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Jason Phillips was Copeland’s guidance counselor at Chipman Elementary School from 2002 to 2006. He witnesses the “educated little boy” grow into a “tall young man.”

When Copeland makes his “Idol” debut on Monday, his former adviser hopes Salisburyans will use him as fuel to chase their dreams, despite insane gas prices right now.

“To be young, Black and talented in these tumultuous times in our history is a true testament to the belief in ‘faith over fear’ and that courage can overcome any adversity as long as you believe in it.”

Copeland’s debut episode of ‘American Idol’ airs on ABC at 8:00 p.m. on Mondays. This 20th season will also be streamed on Hulu. For more information, visit or

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Andre Lamar is the feature film/lifestyle reporter. If you have an interesting story idea, please email Andre Lamar at [email protected] ‘American Idol’: Lionel Richie Tells Ultimate Platinum Ticket Winner Jay Copeland We ‘Needed This’ After L performance by Stevie Wonder.

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