5s Of Internet Marketing

5s Of Internet Marketing

5s Of Internet Marketing

5s Of Internet Marketing – A good digital marketing strategy takes many different aspects into consideration. The 5S strategy developed by Chaffey and Smith (2000) provides a framework for an effective Internet marketing strategy that you can use to attract and retain your customers. Below are 5 digital marketing strategies to help your business.

The ultimate objective of any organization is to make profit and the source of profit is from the sale of products/services. Going digital means taking your products and services online as well. Create a strategy with detailed plans for how you will sell your products online. A digital marketing strategy to support online sales can increase the overall volume of sales, because the leads generated from your online presence will become potential customers, who will become real customers that you will serve and retain. .

5s Of Internet Marketing

5s Of Internet Marketing

As the famous saying goes, “customers are king”, how you serve your customers online is important. You can’t serve everyone who is online, so get to know your customers first, then move on to serving them properly. Give your customers a sense of value by providing better service at the pre-sales and post-sales stages. Always be available and responsive to your customers. Improve your service level by making the most of the Internet.

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The best customer service comes from understanding your customers well. Listen carefully to your customers, understand what they are looking for and communicate with them. Get to know them so you can get your message across. Make communication an important part of your strategy, not only for your customers, but also for your suppliers. Understanding their interests, attitudes and behaviors will allow you to respond better. This will help you to support and build a strong relationship with your customers.

Working digitally helps you save money, time and effort. Physical and operational costs will automatically decrease when you go digital. Instant response and advanced communication saves you the time and effort of doing everything manually. Use the Internet as a cost-cutting tool.

Business is not just about buying and selling your products and services. Everything that happens in a business adds value to its brand. You must remember to build your brand while working. Your strategy should also include how you will develop yourself as a brand. Build trust, recognition, relationships and grow your brand.

At Ads!, we help you sell, serve, communicate, save and burn by perfecting your digital promotions. We provide you the best service by incorporating various ideas and providing a suitable digital marketing plan for your business. Dave Chaffee, author of Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice explains the process of achieving success and overcoming external pressure by focusing on 18 key digital marketing techniques.

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In simple words, digital marketing or online marketing is the application of digital media, data and technology along with traditional marketing communication to achieve marketing objectives. In this broad definition, there are several important digital marketing strategies that we will introduce and explain in this article. In this digital marketing tutorial we will cover:

For businesses today to compete effectively, they need to use digital marketing to support their business and marketing strategies. Each of us now spends several hours every day using digital media, whether we are looking for entertainment, social interaction or new things. Businesses and brands that don’t have the right digital strategies reflected in their marketing communications programs landscape are missing opportunities to influence consumers at key online touch points.

Our popular marketing plan template is built into the Smart Insights RACE framework. Join Smart Insights as a free member by downloading our digital marketing plan template

5s Of Internet Marketing

The growth in the use of digital media and technology has created new customer journeys or purchase paths that are more complex as purchasing decisions are potentially influenced by multiple touch points that can be used by digital marketers.

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Our customer life cycle view summarizes the possibilities of digital media channels or offline communication tools for how paid, owned and acquired can influence purchases throughout the customer life cycle.

Note that TOFU, MOFU, MOFU refers to the top, middle and bottom-funnel content used to support the customer lifecycle.

This concept aims to help businesses evaluate their use of digital marketing as part of a ‘situational gap analysis’ where they can assess whether they are using the most appropriate ‘always-on’ digital communications. are, or invest enough to get them. Objectives in the RACE Planning Framework developed by Smart Insights.

It highlights some of the many online marketing channels that businesses can engage in today to get the best results from digital marketing. While some channels like social media and SEO are well-known, in our experience, we find that some of the ever-popular marketing techniques like advertising and email retargeting and effective traffic scenarios are generally the least popular. are used.

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Later in this lesson, we will show how you can simplify the management of digital marketing channels into six main channels that are relevant for any business from small to large.

This brief definition helps us remember that it is the results delivered by the technology that should determine the investment in digital marketing, not the adoption of the technology! We must also remember that despite the popularity of digital tools for choosing products, entertainment and work, we still spend a lot of time in the real world, so integration with traditional media remains important in many fields.

In practice, digital marketing focuses on the management of various forms of online company presence, such as company websites, mobile applications and social media company pages, along with various online communication techniques described later in this description. These include search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, email marketing and partnership arrangements with other websites.

5s Of Internet Marketing

The basic principles of digital marketing that we describe in this article are fully implemented in 2023, but there are always new opportunities that provide new opportunities. Read my last blog post on Digital Marketing Trends 2023 to learn about the latest innovations.

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For the past 15 years, Smart Insights has specialized in helping marketers learn a systematic, strategic, data-driven approach to digital marketing.

It is useful to note that, although digital uses different communication techniques than traditional marketing, its ultimate goals are not different from the goals that marketing has always had. It can be easy to set digital goals based on “vanity metrics” such as the number of “likes” or followers, so it’s useful to refer to this marketing definition developed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Consideration:

This definition emphasizes marketing on the customer and also emphasizes the need to link it with other business activities to achieve this profit. However, this is a weak definition of digital activism because it ignores the interactions that are so important to digital activism.

In Digital Marketing Excellence my co-author, PR Smith and I show that digital marketing can be used to support these goals:

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There are many online communication techniques that marketers should consider incorporating as part of their communication strategy. Marketers often use paid, owned, and earned media to describe high-level investments, but it’s more common to choose six specific digital media channels when choosing specific perpetual and campaign investments.

To make the choice easier, we suggest that you review the paid, owned and acquired techniques in the six digital media channels or communication tools shown in the next screen. Combining these techniques gives 18 digital communication techniques for businesses to consider. Companies with limited budgets for paid media can focus on proprietary and monetized technology.

Six main media channels are available to any business and include paid, owned and earned media options:

5s Of Internet Marketing

Get exposure on search engines to encourage clicks to a website when a user types in a specific keyword phrase. The two main search marketing techniques are placements using pay-per-click through Google Ads or Bing, and using search engine optimization (SEO) to place in natural or organic listings that are not for search engine clicks.

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SEO can be considered proprietary media because it includes on-page optimization to improve content communication and technical improvements to the website as monitored by Google Search Console. SEO also has an earned media component where visibility in search engines can be improved by getting relevant ‘backlinks’ from sites that are effectively considered referrals or votes.

This includes paid advertising on social networks and organic social media promotion where companies aim to gain exposure through content shared through social media feeds and pages. Earned social media is when a brand or social update is shared by a publisher or partner.

Social media marketing is an important category of digital marketing that involves encouraging customer interaction on your company’s website, or social assets such as Facebook or Twitter or professional publishers’ websites, blogs and forums. It can be implemented as a traditional broadcast medium – for example, companies can use Facebook or Twitter to send messages to existing customers or partners.

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