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The NBA 2K franchise has become so big that it caters to niche fan bases as much as it tries to appeal to the masses. Some players push for progress and chase the MyCareer meta badge, others rebuild the NBA as they see fit in MyLeague, and then there’s the endless MyTeam card collecting. Everyone is rightfully a fan of NBA 2K and deserves to enjoy their favorite basketball title.



However, this puts the Visual Concepts developer in a difficult position, because if you try to go in different directions at the same time, you risk going nowhere. It’s nothing new for a franchise that has not only become the most important basketball title, but some argue the best title season in sports. Visual Concepts has responded to this pressure in recent years by adding new features to many of its modes. NBA 2K20 does this like its predecessors, but as much as it tries to move the franchise forward, it’s burdened by the past.

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A great example of this is MyCareer, which allows players to let loose in the open-world Neighborhood to be pushed up the ranks by the player. NBA 2K20 will modify the way you build your MyPlayer, allowing players to choose their hard attribute caps within preset strengths and weaknesses. Your abilities are divided into finishing, shooting, playmaking and defending/rebounding, which also include important badges that grant bonuses.

Grinding to increase your attributes using VC currency (earned in-game and purchased with real money) is a central part of the experience, and while you can create multiple buildings, each one starts at 60 OVR and whatever VC you’ve earned. cannot be assigned to a new build. This gives away the illusion of freedom of having different builds in the first place, and given how important it is to have the right attribute levels, badges and even physicals in multiplayer, you have to choose carefully.

The regime itself is aggravated by the infrastructure, which requires modernization. You still have to wait in real time for MyPark games and training stations, and there is no matchmaking in the mode. This greatly weakens my incentive to take my balls against players who may have paid real money for VC to increase progress.

Fortunately, MyCareer also allows players to grow through NBA games against A.I., providing another outlet for your character. This is reinforced by cutscenes along the way, including a well-done Prelude story put together by Lebron James’s SpringHill Entertainment, which recommends that players accept what agency they have in power structures that they’d rather not have.

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MyGM also addresses the needs of players through a chat system, but download mode. The action point system that governs what you can do in a day isn’t interesting when you have to spend it constantly chatting with players to have crazy, repetitive waffle conversations just to keep their morale up. You also have to constantly decline their requests for minutes. Unlocking GM skills like coaching and scouting is understandable, but I don’t like that it’s tied to goals that may not make sense, like signing lots of veterans at the behest of the team owner. The skill tree itself that comes with the whole process is okay, but nothing special.

MyLeague is similar to MyGM in many ways, but without the action point system, and it brings out many of the series’ strengths, such as the ability to customize the league in countless ways through rules, rosters, and the teams themselves (including adding historical ones), as well as the analytics you have to available. These are franchise options that few sports games provide. The series adds the WNBA for the first time, though it’s only for one playable season and in Play Now.

NBA 2K20 also comes to the gameplay department, allowing for individual expression within team dynamics. Pulling off fancy dribble moves isn’t difficult, but passing the ball, running plays and putting everything together at the right time to create space to sink shots is a deep and satisfying path to consistent scoring. While the low post area can be a mix of animations, the game adapts well to your commands with branching animations that give you the flexibility to redirect your path or pass the ball to an open teammate at the last second while driving to the basket.


Playing defense is just as important and I appreciate the fine line between success and failure on contested shots and the physicality of trying to get to the better players so they don’t blow – even if I didn’t get the timing right. boxing and rebounding.

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The game had issues at launch, such as MyCareer players not getting earned progression and triple threat single player MyTeam challenges not being available (at least overall MyTeam progression isn’t bad). These kinds of hiccups are common for visual concepts, and in part prove that the NBA 2K series — as strong as it is in some areas — must continue.

8.5 About the Game Informer Control System Concept To continue ahead of the game and the overall strength of the League structure, while inadvertently reinforcing how MyPark needs significant changes in graphics. Note from an otherwise great game: Sweat only comes in one stream – loud Sono, I love a few. commentary teams and I appreciate them calling in subs during breaks Gameplay The controls easily cover a surprising amount of action and let you focus on what’s actually going on instead of the fun There’s a lot that’s good and not so good about this game, but luckily the gameplay provides Replay Moderate High

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The NBA 2K20 cover will have a distinct Chicago flavor. Dwyane Wade and Anthony Davis, both natives of the Windy City, will be the cover athletes for the upcoming game. Covers for Legends, Digital Deluxe and Standard Edition are pictured above.

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NBA 2K20 will be released on September 6 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. The game will also be available on Google Stadia when it launches later this year. This year, all three editions will be released on the same day with no early access for pre-orders. Here’s a look at the first trailer that reveals the WNBA integration and some of the first looks at the upcoming game.

We don’t know how integrated the WNBA players and teams will be, but it’s good to see the ladies represented in the game.

This will be the second time Davis will serve as NBA 2K’s cover athlete. He appeared in NBA 2K16 when he, Steph Curry and James Harden had their own covers.


“I am honored to once again represent NBA 2K,” said Davis. “Being chosen as the face of NBA 2K20 means the world to me, and I’m excited for fans to experience the world’s best sports simulation this fall.”

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Davis is a long-time fan of the 2K brand. I interviewed him in 2013 before the release of NBA 2K14. He spoke a lot about his love for the series.

Wade just finished the final season of his Hall of Fame career. He was never a 2K NBA cover athlete.

“I’ve been blessed to spend 16 years of my life playing the game I love at the highest level and to cap off my career by joining the greats of the NBA as the cover star of the NBA 2K Legend Edition, which I’m incredibly proud of. ” said Wade. “My family and I love NBA 2K and I am truly grateful to all the fans who have watched and played as I have over the years.”

“The NBA 2K franchise is honored to select the league’s best talent to grace the cover of the game,” said Alfie Brody, vice president of marketing for NBA 2K. “Anthony and Dwyane represent everything that makes basketball such a global phenomenon – whether it’s incredible stars, transcendent talent or an era-defining legacy – and serve as a true inspiration for the next generation of NBA superstars to enter the league.”

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Pre-ordering all three versions of the game has specific offers. Here’s each of the deals for all three releases via infographic, and I’ve also listed them in text form:

NBA 2K20 Standard Edition will be available in physical and digital formats for $59.99; players who pre-ordered will receive at launch:

The NBA 2K20 Legend Edition will be available in physical and digital formats for $99.99 and will feature custom skins and exclusive in-game items, including:


With September 6 just around the corner, expect to see a lot of information about NBA 2K20 in July. It’s officially 2K season. NBA 2K20 can be a complex game that will make you feel good. It has quite complicated controls, although if you already know how to shoot and drip, you can start trying

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